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Thursday 28 August 2014


Moving into our New School

Dear Parents,

We are preparing for our move to our new school building.  Please read the information below, which we hope you will find helpful.  We are delighted to be back in the heart of the parish and we are looking forward to welcoming your sons and daughters on Monday 1 September 2014.


Q:        What time will the Senior School start in the morning?

A:        8.50 a.m.


Q:        What time will the Senior School close in the afternoon?

A:        2.30 p.m.


Q:        Where will my child assemble on the first morning?

A:        We will be assembling on the playground at the back of the school.  

When your child arrives at the school he/she will be met and directed by staff to their assembly point. Pupils walking from the Coolamber direction will be able to access the playground directly.

If your child is starting in 3rd class we request that they assemble on the first morning in the School Hall to the front of the building where they will be met by their teachers and by Mr. Connolly, Deputy Principal.


Q:        What doors will my child/children exit from at the end of the day (2.30 p.m.)?

A:        All children including 3rd class children will exit from the back of the school at 2.30 p.m.


Q:        What happens if it is raining on the first day?

A:        All children will be directed to the School Hall.


Q:        My child cycles to school.  Will there be facilities for parking and locking bikes/scooters?

A:        Due to ongoing site-works, we are not yet in a position to offer secure lock-up facilities for bikes and scooters.  When we are happy that the environment is safe, we will encourage our pupils to cycle/scoot to school.  In the meantime, we ask that pupils walk or park and stride to school.


Q:        What are my child’s P.E. days?

A:        3rd Classes       Wednesday and Friday                       4th Classes       Monday and Wednesday           

           5th Classes       Tuesday and Friday                             6th Classes       Monday and Thursday                           


Q:        When will the uniform shop open again?

A:        Uniforms will be on sale on Thursday 11 September from 1.30 p.m. to 2.30 p.m. for parents.  Pupils may

            purchase uniforms during that day.


Q:        When will my child get his/her school books?

A:        On the first and second days back.


Q:        What is the school phone number?

A:        The school phone number remains the same: 01 4942527.


Q:        What about car parking for parents?

A:        Parking on the school campus is very limited.  There will be a small number of car park spaces available for

           parents picking up a pupil who is unwell or a pupil who has to go to the dentist/doctor during the day.  We

           would strongly urge parents not to bring cars into the campus area.


Q:        How can I, as a parent, help as we move into the new building?


A:        -  Please encourage your child to walk to school.  If you live far away, please consider the park   

               and stride option.

              Over the weekend, please familiarise your child with the route to and from school and with your

               agreed meeting point, if applicable.

               Please do not bring your car onto the school campus unless absolutely necessary.Be very aware of

               children crossing the roads.In our previous site in Ballyboden, the vast majority of parents proved

               themselves to be most considerate and mindful of the safety of our pupils.


We thank you in advance for your kind cooperation with the above and look forward very much to many happy years in our beautiful new school.

Kind regards


Lynn Corcoran



Safety Plan




  • Children’s safety is our top priority at all times.Parents are requested to train/instruct your child on how to:

Walk Safely

Park/Stride Safely


  • Children should use pedestrian lights and avail of school wardens at all times.

  • Please use footpaths at all times when entering/leaving campus and under no circumstances walk across the car park.
  • Equip your child with appropriate wet gear so that their regular travel arrangements can apply irrespective of the weather.

(There will be wet days occasionally.  It is wonderful to see all the pupils who regularly walk and cycle to/from school even on the wet days, while wearing appropriate clothing.)



  • All Motorists are to:

      Use the designated Entrance/Exit.

If it is absolutely necessary to bring a vehicle onto the campus, you are requested to:

  • Drive at 10km per hour on campus.(Vehicles should travel at a crawling pace on campus.  Pupils/adults and other users of the campus are quite liable to step off footpaths.)




Tuesday 25 June 2014 - 1.40 p.m.

Please note that hurling/camogie for 3rd/4th scheduled for this afternoon has been cancelled due bad weather.

 5th class football will go ahead as scheduled.


Friday 13 June 2014

A Golden Hoard

The big news of the last two weeks concerns the exploits of our schools track and field athletes. More than 60 of them headed off to the Santry Sports Athletics competition organised by Cumann na mBunscoil to compete on behalf of our school.

On the first of the two days 20 children competed in the field events of high jump, shot putt, long jump, 600m run and hurdles. On that occasion they came home with eight medals: three gold, one silver and four bronze. Then on Friday last,  6 June,a further 45 children travelled once again to the Morton Stadium to represent St s. Eight children competed in the sprints and eight teams competed in the relays. All sixteen got through to their respective finals, with two of our sprinters taking a gold medal and six out of the eight relay teams also bringing home medals. This brought the total medal haul for both days to 34!

We knew they were good but we never guessed they were that good!

Friday 30 May 2014

St s Week

In the past, we have celebrated St s Day every June. This year however, there were so many events scheduled that the celebration became St s Week. Beginning with a well-attended pilgrimage on Monday, the week continued with a wide variety of dramatic, musical, artistic and sporting events. Great credit is due to Ms Mc Allister and her class for their depiction of the life of the saint presented to all classes over the course of the week. Their production demonstrated their creative abilities in drama, art, instrumental music and song as they told the story of the life of St Colmcillewere the Iona team. Following this was the traditional 6thinquiry, the Gartan team was deemed to be the winner and they received their award from, guest of honour, Fr Éanna attending his first ever St s Day.


Friday 16 May 2014

A National Award

as the National Cycling School of the Year. However, when representatives from the school went to the presentation of the award at the Radisson Blu Hotel in the city centre on Tuesday last, they were in for a pleasant surprise. Representing the St s SNS were Ms Mc Keown, Ms Walsh and three – Sophie, Ciara and Rohakand they found themselves in the company of Minister of State at the Deptartment of Transport Mr Alan Kelly TD as well as other dignitaries. Present also were representatives from 12 other prize-winning schools from throughout Ireland. However, in addition to the expected national cycling award, St s also received the overall Green Travel to School Award in recognition of the large numbers of people coming to school without using motor transport. This was a most welcome and very unexpected surprise and this recognition of our efforts at national level is sure to spur the school onto even greater and greener heights in the year ahead.

Freaky Feet

t playing tricks on you. The slippers, wellingtons and odd shoes, as well as the footwear bedecked with balloons, feathers and all the colours of the rainbow, were all part of the Freaky Foot Day during which everyone was encouraged to make an extra effort to walk to school and to draw attention to their message by sporting the most unusual shoes possible. Well done to the many people who got into the spirit of the day!

Friday 9 May 2014

Clan Cluana Theatre Company

On Wednesday of this week, Clan Cluana, the travelling theatre company, arrived, as they have done for many a year, to our school. With their own unique style of presentation, this theatre group bring dramatically to life, the stories, the heroes and the villains of our rich Irish/ Celtic mythology. On this visit they portrayed the story of Setanta form his birth in Dún Dealgan through his fateful journey to meet Conor Mac Nessa in Eamhain Machathe hound of Ulster. Many great adventures were to befall Cúchulainn in his highly eventful life and his eventual death is portrayed very dramatically in the famous statue in the GPO where a raven is seen landing on the right shoulder of the fallen hero. Without having to leave their school, the children enjoyed and were part of this theatrical event that retold a story which has been passed down through the centuries and which reveals the richness of our Irish heritage.

‘Working to Save Lives’

and it is their aim to reduce collisions on Irish roads by every means possible. One way is to educate young people about awareness when using the roads and this is what their representative was doing when she spoke to the 5th Class students on Monday last. As cyclists, pedestrians and road users they were taught how to look after themselves and how to be responsible towards other road users. It could be one of the most important lessons they learn in school this year.



Friday 2 May 2014

Cycling School of the Year 2014

the school has gone on to win the title for an impressive second year in a row. On Tuesday 13Mays efforts at promoting cycling will be acknowledged at an awards ceremony at the Radisson Blu Hotel where Minister Alan Kelly T.D. will award prizes to twelve schools from around the country. Well done to all the pupils who regularly cycle, scoot or roller-blade to school and to their parents for ensuring their safety and supporting this worthwhile initiative.


5th Green International Green Flag

It has just been revealed that the school is about to receive its fifth International Green Flag in recognition of its contribution to the raising of awareness of the environment and - in particular this time -  the issue of Biodiversity. The Green flag will be presented to the school by An Taisce at an awards ceremony in The Helix DCU Campus on Tuesday 20 May. A special word of thanks is due to Ms O Gara and her Green Committee comprising teacher, pupil and SNA members for their unstinting efforts and boundless enthusiasm in pursuing and promoting this important project throughout the year.

Safety Plan - Notice to Motorists

If it is absolutely essential to bring your vehicle onto the school campus you are reminded that:

  1. If you enter the traffic system you must follow through the system. “U- turns” on the avenue create dangers for pupils, pedestrians and other motorists.
  2. Please park in the designated car-park area at the top of the system.
  3. If you are driving in to “set down” or “pick-up” a pupil, all “set down” or “pick ups” must be carried out in the car-park area at the top of the system.
  4. Pick-ups/set-downs are not permitted on the avenue.
  5. Set-down of pupils is to be carried out in the car-park area in such a manner that no pupil is required to cross through traffic.
  6. All motorists are required to follow the directions of the school appointed traffic stewards.
  7. As you exit the school campus at the main gates, a left turn only system applies. A left turn only also applies to motorists entering the system off the main road.

The Board of Management of St. s S.N.S. monitors the operation of the traffic system. It is the policy of the Board of Management to communicate in writing with any motorist who does not adhere to the protocols and if necessary to refer the matter to the Gardaí.

The Safety Plan has been devised and is implemented with the intention of creating the safest possible environment for the pupils and all users of the system.
** Motorists are requested not to park on double yellow lines/on corners in local estates. 





© 2014 St. Colmcilles' S.N.S.



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