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Friday 20 March 2015

Badminton News

T here has been a recent upsurge of interest in the sport of badminton in St Colmcille’s. It all began with the arrival of two badminton coaches in term one who really caught the imagination of the fifth classes during a six week programme of lessons. Currently our sixth classes are enjoying the same lessons. Arising out of this connection to the sport, our school entered the All-Ireland Schools Badminton Blitz. Under the supervision of Mr John Murphy and with the help of local badminton enthusiasts Máire Curry and Eileen Giblin, our school entered four boys’ and two girls’ badminton teams. The boys and girls competed against schools from all over Ireland including Kerry, Cork, Kilkenny and Roscommon, winning quite a few matches. One girl’s team – comprising Saoirse Towell, Serena Fox, Alana Newe and Saoirse Carr – managed to get as far as the final of the girls event.

Could this be the start of something big?


Friday 13 March 2015

Outrageous, Extravagant and Indefensible!

Above are three of the difficult words faced by the contestants in this year’s competition to find the St Colmcille’s Senior School Spelling champion of 2015. During the week each fifth and sixth class put forward 5 spelling experts for the competition. With 3 ‘lives’ a-piece, each contestant in turn stood alone in front of the microphone and grappled with whatever spelling was thrown at them. The atmosphere in the hall for each contest (with the entire year group in attendance) was competitive but very sporting and supportive. Emerging triumphant from fifth class was Emily Keane while the pre-eminent speller in sixth class turned out to be Ruaidhrí Gollogly-Doyle. Ruaidhrí will go forward to the Dublin finals of the Eason’s Spelling Bee 2015 – a national competition in which a record 1,100 schools from all 32 counties participated this year. We wish Ruaidhrí the very best of luck in the competition and we will follow his progress with great interest in the weeks ahead.



Thursday 12 March 2015

Camogie Team v Hurling B Team match scheduled for this afternoon in Cherryfield  has been cancelled due to bad weather.


Wednesday 11 March

  • 3rd Class Gaelic Football will take place today 2.30 p.m. 3.30 p.m.


Friday 6 March 2015

Confirmation 2015

The Confirmation provides one of the highlights of the school year and this year was no exception. On Wednesday and Thursday of this week, Bishop Eamonn Walsh led the ceremonies assisted by Fr Éanna, Fr  Seán and Fr Martin. In his homily, Bishop Eamonn urged the candidates for Confirmation to take their commitment seriously and to use the gifts of the Holy Spirit in fruitful ways .To use, for example, ‘Right Judgement’ to make good decisions in life and ‘Courage’ to resist pressure to give in to poor choices. To embrace the gift of ‘Reverence’ in order to communicate with God in prayer and to not allow negative influences to fill a void in their lives. Bishop Eamonn had individual words of advice for candidates as they received the sacrament of Confirmation. He said to some candidates ‘Self-confidence brings its own reward’ and to others, ‘Be yourself’ and ‘Have courage’. Fr Éanna, Fr Seán, Fr Martin and Fr Michael were thanked during the ceremony and the contribution of the Carmelites to our community was acknowledged. The School Choir and Grúpa Tradisiúnta provided beautiful music for the occasion and Ms Ruth Kelly, as always, deserves our sincere gratitude for her accompaniment on the piano.


Córfhéile na Scoileanna

Córfhéile has for many years provided the students of St. Colmcille’s SNS with an impetus to strive for excellence in singing, musicianship and drama. It is a non-profit making, voluntary organization that aims to provide an opportunity for children in primary school right around Dublin to perform in a non-competitive music festival. The children who perform in the Córfhéile do so for the enjoyment of singing, for the love of playing music or the desire to participate in a play or drama. This invaluable  opportunity to play in front of a large audience, in a large venue with full technical support was grasped by a wide array of musical groups in the school this week. These included the Grúpa Traidisiúnta, the Folk Group and the School Senior Choir on Monday night and Scoil Rock on Tuesday night. Each group did themselves proud and were highly complimented by the judges on the night. It is safe to say that music – in all of its different guises- is alive and well in St. Colmcille’s.


Monday 2 March 2015

Camogie scheduled for this afternoon has been cancelled.


Friday 27 February 2015

‘Connect with Respect’

The Garda Síochána launched the ‘Respectful Online Communication’ programme for schools in 2012. This Garda initiative forms part of the overall Garda Primary Schools Programme which is a comprehensive education programme for 4th, 5th and 6th class pupils in Primary Schools throughout the country.

As part of this programme, our good friend Garda Pat Tarrant spent time in the school this week visiting the 5th classes. He spoke about the new technologies- Internet, social media, smart phones etc - which the children are using and outlined ways in which these tools can be dangerous when not used sensibly. There was also an emphasis on care and respect for others and the children themselves were encouraged to be responsible in their dealings with others online.  Garda Pat will return over the coming weeks to speak with our 6th and 4th class pupils.

The ‘Connect with Respect’ leaflet gives the following website addresses for advice on this issue. These include:



Friday 13 February 2015

Ceremony of Light

The Service of Light – a ceremony which is part of the children’s preparation for Confirmation – has become a focal point in the school year. This year the service was lead by Fr Martin and it involved the participation of every Sixth Class student. From the beautiful hand-painted glass candle holders to the artwork on the walls and the thoughtfully composed prayers from each child on the prayer tree, each and every candidate for Confirmation was represented as an essential participant in the ceremony. The event focuses on the belief that we, as practising Christians, are ‘lights’ for the rest of the world. We are lights in the sense that our way of living is an outward sign of the faith we carry inside. To help the children’s understanding of this idea, they studied the lives of six witnesses who, by their own lives, show us how we might bear witness to our own faith and be a light to others.  These included Nelson Mandela, Pope Francis and Fr Peter McVerry champion of the homeless in our city.

In this ceremony too, the importance of the role of parent s is recognised and it is always a special moment when – in a symbolic representation of the passing on of faith to a younger generation – the parents light their children’s candles with their own.

The Ceremony of Light touched many hearts and minds this week and it remains a very special event in the life of the school community.

Third Class on Tour

The children of Third Class took to the city centre during the week in pursuit of all things artistic and historical. They visited the National Museum where - in keeping with their particular interest in the topic – they visited the Viking section to investigate firsthand the artefacts and exhibits to do with our erstwhile conquerors and indeed founders of our great city. They also visited the Treasury where they saw the wealth of our Irish heritage in the form of such marvellous exhibits as the Derrynaflan Hoard and the Ardagh Chalice. From there they proceeded to the National Art Gallery in Merrion Square where they admired artworks and listened to commentaries on the many paintings in this relatively small but significant gallery. Works viewed included paintings by Picasso, Yeats and Carravaggio. Each student left with an art pack which they will use in class to further their study of the treasures of the National Art Gallery. The teachers and accompanying parents were particularly impressed with the excellent behaviour of the children and their keen interest in the many wonderful items they saw on their trip.


Friday 6 February 2015

Dublin Peace Proms 2015

Our 4th Class students participated last weekend in the Dublin Peace Proms 2015 at the RDS joining over 1,000 students in a night of fun, music and ‘bridge building’.

Peace Proms is a choral education programme which impacts 20,000 children from different social, economic, cultural, religious and political backgrounds throughout Ireland each year – from inner city areas in Dublin, Belfast and Limerick to tiny isolated rural communities on the islands off the coasts of Donegal and Galway. Recognised widely as Ireland’s most valuable Arts Education initiative, the Peace Proms under the baton of renowned conductor Gearóid Grant was joined by the Cross Border Orchestra of Ireland which is composed of over 100 young musicians from across the entire island of Ireland.

In a truly uplifting evening of song, our 4th Class students  gave their all as they sang an eclectic mix of songs which ranged from recent pop hits from Pharrell Williams and One Direction to ‘golden oldies’ such as ‘There’s a Place For Us’ and ’You’ll Never Walk Alone’. Reviews of the evening were unanimously positive and it comes highly recommended so – if you missed it this year – put it in your diary for 2016.

Quiz Brains

Two teams represented St Colmcille’s SNS on Friday last at the Credit Union Dublin Schools Quiz which was held in St Mary’s Boys School Rathfarnham. A total of 29 teams were involved and the standard of answering on the night was very high. Having been ‘hot – housed’ over recent weeks by their mentors Messrs Patten, Kearney and Fitzpatrick, the teams were extremely well prepared and acquitted themselves well against stiff opposition. The senior team were pipped at the post however when they answered ‘only’  2 out of 3 questions in a tie-break. Their knowledge of 18th century English architects was found wanting when they were faced with the question ‘Who designed St Paul’s Cathedral in London?’ (How many adults could have answered that one?)  The Junior team however went one better and the 4 young quiz brains walked away with first prize on the night and a place in the semi-final which is due to be held in mid – February. All in all a pretty successful outcome for the St Colmcille’s quizzers.


Friday 30 January 2015


Catholic Schools Week has been celebrated in Ireland for the last five years. This annual event calls on Catholic schools to give expression in a special way to a particular aspect of Catholic education. This year the theme was ‘Called to Serve’ and this theme was echoed in a number of ways in our school this week through reflections spoken over the intercom, activities in individual classes and masses for all year groups in the parish church.

Perhaps the most noteworthy of these was the mass for third class children who involved their grandparents in their celebration. In this very special event, grandparents were acknowledged as great teachers and supporters of young children and as people who have nurtured and passed on the gift of faith to new generations. In his homily, Fr Éanna reminded the children to show love and kindness towards all – and not just their closest friends – and to be joyful, truthful and just in their dealings with others. He urged them to seek out little ways in which they could ‘serve’ others – little acts of kindness and compassion – as a way of expressing their faith. Led by Fr Éanna, the children blessed their grandparents and, after mass, the children led their very special guests back to their classrooms where they served them refreshments and chatted to them.  All in all, a very special day in which the school community paid tribute to grandparents and to their invaluable place in the lives of our children.


My Grandparents

My Nana is nice and kind

And my Grandad is cool and funny

My Nana tucks me in

My Grandad tells me stories

I ring my grandparents all the time

I love my grandparents

And they love me                   

                       By Laura, Third Class

Friday 23 January 2015

Not Trivial

What is the capital of Senegal?

What currency is used in Vietnam?

What type of creature is a Bombay Duck?

 The answers to these and many other important questions are being relentlessly pursued by a 16-strong group of students as they prepare for a big challenge in the week ahead. The group – ably coached by Mr Fitzpatrick, Mr Kearney and - that old quiz veteran himself - Mr Patten, face a stern test next Friday when they take on an array of teams from other schools in the Credit Union Quiz Competition in St Mary’s Boys School in Rathfarnham. We wish them all the best in their training this week and hope their quiz skills will shine on Friday 30th.

Debating News

The fine run of our debating team came to an end this week when they faced a formidable team from Powerstown School. Despite the strength of the opposition, our team acquitted themselves very well. Indeed they posed quite a dilemma for the adjudicator who took 25 minutes to decide the eventual winner. We are really proud of our debating team comprising Leah Etherington, Colm Du, Sarah Fagan and Cian Durkan. They have achieved a great deal and set a very high standard for all future debating teams from St. Colmcilles.


Friday 16 January 2015

A Good Read

Groucho Marx once said   ‘I must say I find television very educational. The minute somebody turns it on, I go into the library and read a good book.

Groucho – at the time – could not have realised that television would not be the only screen vying for our (and our children’s) attention. We are all easily seduced by the immediacy of video games, mobile phones, tablets and laptops and we can go through life ignoring the richness that lies within books. Reading is one of the most valuable and rewarding activities a person can engage in. Indeed, learning to enjoy books is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself – a gift that stays with you throughout your life.

Currently in our school we are promoting the joys of reading. We have introduced ‘Reading Time’ which involves each and every member of the school community.  A little chime is heard over the intercom and all pupils, teachers, special needs assistants (and even Mr Connolly!) drop what they’re doing and read for a half an hour. In many classrooms pupils groan when they hear the second chime signalling the end of Reading Time, as they have become so engrossed in their books. Maybe at home you could encourage little minds away from the television and raise the profile of reading in your house? Being a conspicuous reader yourself is one of the best ways of doing this.

In conclusion I refer again to Mr Marx:  ‘Books are great.  Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read.’  And who can argue with that?


Wednesday 14 January 2015

Camogie training for 5th and 6th class will take place today on the green -  2.30 p.m. to 3.30 p.m.

R. Walsh and R. Sweetnam


Friday 9 January 2015

A Fit and Healthy New Year

No doubt many people will have resolved to get fitter and healthier in the New Year. Our Fifth and Sixth Classes have been very quick off the mark in this regard. Beginning on the first week back after the holidays, our 6th class students have been working hard in aerobics classes with the  inimitable Tracey as their coach. Not to be outdone, our fifth class pupils have begun a six week programme of Badminton lessons with coaches Shane and Alan, both of whom have represented Ireland in the sport. So – the gauntlet is down and it’s up to the rest of us to follow suit and improve our health and fitness in 2015.

More Debating Success

Our school debating team have gone from success to success in recent times. This week – opposing the motion ‘Ireland should leave the European Union’ – they faced a team from Castleknock National School in the quarter finals of the All-Ireland debating competition. The team comprising Sarah Fagan, Leah Etherington and Cian Durkin were successful once again and, joined by their teammate Colm Du, (who was chairperson for the debate) they look forward with confidence to the next round of the competition. Go n-éirí leo.


Friday 12 December 2014

Last Tuesday's Oíche Cheoil was awaited with great interest and not a little apprehension.  The people behind this musical extravaganza worried if the large open space of our new double hall would be suitable atmospheric for this annual event which has become one of the highlights of the school's calendar.  They needn't have fretted; the large space was transformed by subtle lighting, beautiful Christmas trees and handmade decorations and the enchantment of the evening began as soon as you entered the new venue.

Introduced by two of our sixth class students - Cian and Aisling - the evening got off to a rousing start with our 50 strong folk group under the direction of Ms. Murphy and Ms. Minogue.  A highlight of the night was the outstanding performance of the Grúpa Traidisiúnta who played a lovely selection of jigs and reels and a touching rendition of Mo Chile Mhear.  Interspersed throughout the performances were seasonal poetry readings and a tableau representing the Nativity and several performances from our school choir.  The latter's reputation for tasteful arrangements, varied programmes and beautiful harmonies was certainly upheld as they entertained the audience with a wide selection of choral classics and seasonal favourites.  In case proceedings got too sedate, Scoil Rock - the school's rock group- cheekily announced that they were going to 'rock this place' and blazed into 'Get Back' and 'Rockin' All Over The World'.  However, even the rock guitarists were in awe of the musician who followed them on stage.  Sixth class student Colm Du gave a flawless rendition of an extended study on the classical guitar and really underscored the diversity of musical talent of which the school can boast.  The evening finished with a collaboration of all musical groups and individuals as they led the audience in singing the anthemic 'War is Over' by John Lennon.

In her closing words Ms. Corcoran referred to the Cyndi Lauper song ' True Colours' which the choir had sung earlier.  This evening, in many ways, shows the true colours of our school.  A happy and harmonious place full of talented people who combine and collaborate successfully for the betterment and enjoyment of everyone.


Friday 12 December 2014

On Tuesday last our annual Oíche Cheol took place in the school hall. Two of our sixth class pupils, Joe Moran and Shane Francis, put together a video montage of the preparations for the event. Follow the link below to watch the video.

                                                                Oíche Cheol video


Friday 28 November 2014

Another Auspicious Day

 Our first day in our new building in September this year was quite a day for the school community as we finally – after many years of planning, lobbying, consulting and indeed waiting – spent our first school day in the new building. However, even then, the final phases of the contract – including playgrounds, bicycle shelters and the right of way beside the school - were not yet complete. Today, at precisely 11:30 am, this milestone was passed. Broadcast live via the school PA system, this momentous event was relayed to everyone in the school and there was an enormous cheer throughout the building as Mr Louis Burke, the project architect, formally handed over the fully completed facilities to Fr Éanna chairperson of the Board of Management.

The Board of Management of St Colmcille’s would like to express their heartfelt thanks to all those who have brought about this monumentous achievement. These include the aforementioned Louis Burke, Ms Hanna Andrykowska (assistant architect) and Mr Frank Moran (clerk of works) as well as the entire design team. This project was supported and generously funded by the Department of Education and Skills.

This school and its facilities constitute a major addition to the Parish of Knocklyon and it will continue to facilitate and enhance the education of the children in this area for generations to come.


Cycle Safely

 We are proud of our title of  ‘All-Ireland Cycling School of the Year ’ which we won due to the amazing interest in wheeling to school which has been generated in the school community over the last few years. However, as the newly completed bicycle shelters are handed over to the school, it is timely to reflect on safety considerations associated with cycling. 

The new bicycle/scooter lockup facilities will no doubt encourage many former ‘wheelers’ to resume cycling to school. However, our new location poses new problems for cyclists. The stretch of road from Scholarstown roundabout to our school is extremely narrow and does not have a cycle lane. As such, it is dangerous and unsuitable for inexperienced cyclists particularly on dark winter mornings. The decision to cycle to school is ultimately a parental one and – as you can see – there is much to consider in arriving at this decision.

 There are of course many other more general aspects of cycling to consider when making up your mind about whether or not your child should cycle to school.

Firstly, a child must be competent to cycle his/her bike and this is something which parents must decide. Secondly, a bike should be roadworthy and suited to the age and size of the child using it. In addition, weather on a given day might make cycling unsuitable for some children. Conditions such as rain, high winds, fog, ice or snow present particular challenges which may be too much for inexperienced cyclists. Here again, parents must determine whether or not cycling is the safest option on a given day. And - last but not least – what your child wears when cycling is important. As well as wearing a helmet, being visible to other road users is essential, therefore, at the very least, cyclists should wear a hi-viz jacket. Talk to your child and advise him/her about the dangers of cycling.

We would love to see as many children as possible enjoying the benefits of cycling and scooting but safety has to be our first concern and we ask parents to help us in this regard.



Friday 28 November 2014

Breaking News - it's official. The school building project has just been finished and the building has been handed over to Father Éanna. We are back in the heart of the community where we belong and the future looks bright for the children of Knocklyon.


The official handover took place this morning at approximately 11:30 am. Well done to all concerned in bringing this mammoth building programme through to fruition.


Friday 21 November 2014

Parent-Teacher Meetings 

Last week saw the usual hum of activity in the school extend beyond normal hours due to our Parent-Teacher meetings.  Many were meeting the new teacher for the first time and, indeed, many were seeing the new school for the first time. As always, the attendance rate was virtually 100% and we would like to thank parents for their interest in their child’s learning and their support for the work of the school.


Book Fair

Running concurrently with the parent-teacher meetings was the annual Book Fale. All indications are that it has been another bumper year of book sales and, once again, we would like to extend our thanks to all the parents who donated or who purchased books during the week. Mr Ruddy’s students are ‘doing the books’ and are sure to be reporting a healthy profit for their efforts shortly.



Friday 14 November 2014

Windin’ the Willows  

Recognising the depth of our Irish cultural heritage is an important part of learning in any school. In St Colmcille’s we approach this from many angles and this week the emphasis was on traditional hand-crafts.

For centuries, practical and decorative items have been made in this country using the raw materials provided by the willow tree. This week, an expert in the field – Paul Finch – visited the school and taught the children in fifth class about the history and uses of this versatile native tree. Once the willow branches have been boiled, they become flexible and easy to work. By winding and weaving flat strands of willow fibre around a more solid willow frame, the children created fish designs. Hanaa in Ms. Walsh’s class said ‘ In the end, all the fish were different and that was what made them perfect. It would be great if Paul could visit again soon.’

Paul Finch has given us an insight into this aspect of our cultural heritage and it is clear that he has whetted the appetite of the children to look further into this area of heritage and design. Paul continues his work with other classes in the school next week.


Friday 7 November 2014

Forging Links 

This week saw the convening of Tithe Tionól or House Assemblies so instead of classes meeting in their usual year groups, the children met up with the other members of their House or Teach.


In our school we have 6 Houses, each named after a significant place in the life of Saint Colmcille – Moville, Doire, Gartan, Kells, Iona and Tír Chonaill.  Each House comprises one class from each year group so each House contains a 3rd, a 4th, a 5th and a 6th class. This can be great in situations such as sports events or on St Colmcille’s Day with special Inter-House events. However, perhaps more importantly, it is used in the school to foster communication and links among classes of different ages. And this week, that was what it was all about. The new third classes got an opportunity to introduce themselves to their older schoolmates and the senior classes had a chance to speak to and interact with their younger colleagues. Before splitting into smaller mixed groups, each House Assembly was introduced to their newly appointed House Captains (one boy and one girl from 6th Class) and the older students were given a forum to offer advice and suggestions to their younger counterparts.


Some of the advice from the older students was very thought-provoking and revealed something of the spirit of the school. ‘Be yourself – don’t try to be somebody you’re not, just to please somebody else,’ said one. ‘Be kind. Don’t ever exclude other people,’ said another. Other suggestions included, ‘If you’re unhappy – tell someone’ and very importantly:


“We all live in the shelter of each other”.


“We are all allowed to be different”.


“There’s no need to be afraid of anyone because we’re all in the same school together”.


“You don’t have to be perfect at something to give it a try”.


“Work to the best of your ability and you’ll be happier that way”.



Monday 20 October 2014

Re:  Pedestrian Lights on the Eastern Link Road to the M50 - Scholarstown Interchange.

South Dublin County Council has requested us to advise parents that they are not in a position to provide School Warden cover at the above location for the afternoon crossing on Thursday, 23 October and both morning and afternoon crossings on Friday 24 October 2014.



Rockbrook Park School have notified us that they are offering scholarships for students commencing in first year in September 2015.  These scholarships will continue for the duration of the student's attendance at the school and may cover the full cost of fees.  Full details on the Rockbrook Park School website or Telephone 01 4933204.

Templeogue College C.S.Sp. have notified us that they will hold an Open Day on Thursday 13 November 2014 - from 1.30 p.m. to 3.15 p.m. for interested parents/guardians of 5th class pupils only.  Application forms for 2016 available on the day and thereafter form the Secretary.  Closing Date for receipt of same Thursday 15 January 2015.


Friday 17 October 2014

Football News

Two games took place this week. The first involved the team coached by Mr Johnston and Mr Fitzpatrick who took to the field in the Hermitage against St Mary’s boys’ school. Although the final result did not go in their favour, the coaches expressed great satisfaction with the level of improvement apparent in the boys’ performance.


Disappointment too for Mr Durkin and Mr Patten’s junior football team who were in action against Hollypark. Despite a rousing team talk by Mr Patten at half-time and a spirited performance from the team in the second half, the quality of the opposition proved too much for our boys.

Putting this week’s results behind us, we look forward to cheering on our girls in Croke Park on Thursday next.

Demand for places on the buses was high on Friday and we look forward to a large contingent from the school giving their full-throated, noisy support to the girls on the field. We wish them every bit of good luck. Go n-éirí go geal leo ar an Déardaoin.



Wednesday 15 October 2014

1.22 p.m.  - Senior Girls A Team - training scheduled for this afternoon has been cancelled due to bad weather

N.Ní Fhearghail


Breaking News!!

The Senior Girls Sciath Austin Finn final has been scheduled for Thursday next, the 23rd of October at 12:20pm in Croke Park. As always, we intend to give all of our pupils the opportunity to travel to the game. Buses will leave the school at 11:00am and return at approximately 2:30pm to 3:00pm. Check back later for further details.

Please note - 3rd class hurling and camogie WILL go ahead today. It will take place on the green, weather permitting, or in our fabulous new school hall if necessary.


Friday 10 October 2014

Girls for Croker

Having dispatched Scoil San Treasa, in some style, from the Sciath Austin Finn competition last week, our Senior Girls football team was drawn against Presentation Terenure in the semi-final this week. Venue for the showdown was the Hermitage and with many courageous performers and wonderful team spirit, the girls prevailed once more and emerged winners of a tough competitive game. Under the expert guidance of their coaches Ms Ni Fhearghaíl and Mr Kearney the girls now find themselves in that much-coveted position of contesting a final in Croke Park. When will the big day be? All eyes are on the Cumann na mBunscoil website scanning for an update. Suffice to say, whenever it happens, we’ll all be there, in full voice, cheering on our talented girls. Well done – we’re very proud of you.


Friday 3 October 2014

Open House

Over two evenings this week, the school threw open its doors and welcomed all our parents who had been, for months, observing the building from the outside and wondering what lay behind this marvellous-looking edifice. It is fair to say that they were impressed by what they discovered.

Mr Connolly’s revelation of the ‘sky fold doors’ in the main halls drew gasps of surprise, as did the scale of the building. Some of the most common observations referred to the ‘space’ and the ‘light’ in the building and the quality of the finishes.

As they stood on the elevated roof garden, watching a beautiful autumn sunset, more than a few were prompted to remember the buildings in which they themselves were educated and to reflect on how fortunate the children of Knocklyon are to have such a wonderful state-of-the- art learning environment.


Friday 26 September 2014

Beginning of Year Mass

This week, as is traditional, the new school year was marked with a special Mass in the parish church. However, this is no ordinary school year given the enormous changes to our working environment that have taken place so, the theme of ‘New Beginnings’ had a special resonance on this occasion.

As we embrace our new surroundings, Fr Éanna echoed the words of the gospel when he reminded the congregation to clothe themselves in Compassion, Patience, Forgiveness, Humility and – above all – Love.  These values are the building blocks which underpin a happy school community.

It was lovely to see the new Third Classes participate so fully in their first major school event. Their singing was especially appreciated. This will be, we hope, the first of many special events in their time in the Senior School.


Local History Tours

Local history tours continued this week for our fourth classes who visited Knocklyon Castle gatehouse, the cross sculpture in Dodder Valley Park, the walled garden of Prospect House and the ancient weir on the Dodder. They were, as always, expertly guided by Tomás Maher, well-known historian and guide.


Friday 19 September 2014

Bouncing Back

Anyone can handle victory, but how you handle defeat tells a lot about your character. Having been put to the sword last week by St Mary’s Rathfarnham, our senior boys football team were in action this week against the boys of St s Castleknock, a well-fancied team in the Corn Kitterick competition. With the score at 2:4 to 2:3 in our favour at half-time, our boys put on a tremendous display in the second half, running out 7:11 to 4:7 winners at fulltime. The team’s coaches, Mr Patten and Mr Maguire, were pleased to have won but were even more enthusiastic about the quality of the performance. Mr Ruddy was heard to declare (loudly) ‘We’re back on track!’

Local History Tours

Taking advantage of the fine weather, some of our Fourth Classes ventured out this week to discover the local history of Knocklyon.  Among the landmarks they visited were Knocklyon Castle, Prospect House Gatelodge and a cross sculpture by renowned local artist Oisin Kelly. The children were guided in their discoveries by an old friend of ours – Tomás Maher who is a well-known historian and guide. More fieldtrips are planned for next week.

Tomás has been working as a Heritage expert with our school form many years and is always highly impressed by the maturity of our pupils’ questions and by their impeccable behaviour.



Tuesday 16 September 2014

Dear Parents,

South Dublin County Council has asked me to bring the following notice to your attention.

South Dublin County Council is currently recruiting Relief School Wardens for the Greenhills/Templeogue/Rathfarnham area.

Closing Date for Applications is 12 noon on Friday 26 September 2014.

Application Forms and Details from:

Recruitment Section, Human Resources Department, South Dublin County Council, County Hall, Tallaght, Dublin 24.

Telephone: 01 4149229         Email:


L. Corcoran (Príomhoide)


Friday 12 September 2014



A number of school activities stirred to life this week as the rhythm of the term became more established. Monday saw the first rehearsal of the 8th line-up of Scoil Rock’, the school’s own rock band, in which the new members got down to the serious business of learning a repertoire of classic rock songs for upcoming live performances. The choir announced its auditions for prospective members and called the ‘veterans’ of last year’s choir together for a rehearsal of their own.

Sport, too, sprang to life with the school’s Senior A football team in Corn Kitterick action against St Mary’s Boys School Rathfarnham. When asked to comment on the match, the team’s coach Mr Patten said ‘It was a learning experience!  Watch this space for updates on these and all other extra-curricular activities as they go full speed ahead in the coming weeks.


Text Box: Road Safety and Your Children

Since our opening day, we have been blessed with beautiful weather.  This has meant that the vast majority of our pupils have enjoyed walking to and from school with their friends.  We are delighted with this, as walking is both a healthy and sociable beginning and end to the children’s school-day.  We would like to thank all parents who have encouraged their children to walk and who have refrained from bringing cars onto the school campus.  

Realistically, however, we realise that this fine spell of weather will not last indefinitely and that inevitably there will be wet days.  We encourage you, at this point, to invest in wet-gear for your children so that they can continue to walk to and from school independent of weather conditions. Leggings, rain- jacket and a pair of dry socks in your child’s school bag will ensure that they are comfortable and dry at school, no matter how inclement the weather may be. It should also mean that parents will not have to negotiate long traffic delays in proximity to the school.  

Our facility for storing bicycles and scooters is currently under construction.  We will keep you informed regarding its completion and regarding safety issues relating to our pupils cycling to school.

Again, many thanks for your kind co-operation in relation to traffic management and our efforts to maintain a safe environment for all your children.


Friday 5 September 2014

An Historic Day

Monday September 1st truly was an historic day. After years of planning, preparing and dreaming we witnessed the arrival of the first senior school pupils to our new, custom-built, state-of-the-art facililty. Probably not since September 1st 1976 – when our very first school opened on the site – has there been a more auspicious day for St. s. On that day, 54 pupils entered their new 16-room building. On Monday last over 1,400 pupils lined up in the schoolyard – many of them seeing the building for the first time. For those who have been watching the building emerge over the last 3 years, it is undoubtedly an imposing and impressive landmark. Although equally impressive inside, the school had a distinctly strange atmosphere in recent weeks when teachers visited the building for meetings and classroom preparation. It was only when the pupils arrived and all the normal business of a busy school resumed that you could really appreciate what we had - a truly magnificent facility in which to teach and to learn.

It was often remarked, when we were located in our temporary accommodation in Ballyboden St. s, that hardly a beat was missed with the move and that the particular spirit of St. Colmcille's School was clearly evident in the way the school operated on a daily basis. The same is true of the current move. The impressive but inert building is finally teeming with life and activity. The spirit of St.Colmcille’s is alive and well and – a new school year extends before us full of promise and endless possibility.


Thursday 28 August 2014

Moving into our New School

Dear Parents,

We are preparing for our move to our new school building.  Please read the information below, which we hope you will find helpful.  We are delighted to be back in the heart of the parish and we are looking forward to welcoming your sons and daughters on Monday 1 September 2014.


Q:        What time will the Senior School start in the morning?

A:        8.50 a.m.


Q:        What time will the Senior School close in the afternoon?

A:        2.30 p.m.


Q:        Where will my child assemble on the first morning?

A:        We will be assembling on the playground at the back of the school.  

When your child arrives at the school he/she will be met and directed by staff to their assembly point. Pupils walking from the Coolamber direction will be able to access the playground directly.

If your child is starting in 3rd class we request that they assemble on the first morning in the School Hall to the front of the building where they will be met by their teachers and by Mr. Connolly, Deputy Principal.


Q:        What doors will my child/children exit from at the end of the day (2.30 p.m.)?

A:        All children including 3rd class children will exit from the back of the school at 2.30 p.m.


Q:        What happens if it is raining on the first day?

A:        All children will be directed to the School Hall.


Q:        My child cycles to school.  Will there be facilities for parking and locking bikes/scooters?

A:        Due to ongoing site-works, we are not yet in a position to offer secure lock-up facilities for bikes and scooters.  When we are happy that the environment is safe, we will encourage our pupils to cycle/scoot to school.  In the meantime, we ask that pupils walk or park and stride to school.


Q:        What are my child’s P.E. days?

A:        3rd Classes       Wednesday and Friday                       4th Classes       Monday and Wednesday           

           5th Classes       Tuesday and Friday                             6th Classes       Monday and Thursday                           


Q:        When will the uniform shop open again?

A:        Uniforms will be on sale on Thursday 11 September from 1.30 p.m. to 2.30 p.m. for parents.  Pupils may

            purchase uniforms during that day.


Q:        When will my child get his/her school books?

A:        On the first and second days back.


Q:        What is the school phone number?

A:        The school phone number remains the same: 01 4942527.


Q:        What about car parking for parents?

A:        Parking on the school campus is very limited.  There will be a small number of car park spaces available for

           parents picking up a pupil who is unwell or a pupil who has to go to the dentist/doctor during the day.  We

           would strongly urge parents not to bring cars into the campus area.


Q:        How can I, as a parent, help as we move into the new building?


A:        -  Please encourage your child to walk to school.  If you live far away, please consider the park   

               and stride option.

              Over the weekend, please familiarise your child with the route to and from school and with your

               agreed meeting point, if applicable.

               Please do not bring your car onto the school campus unless absolutely necessary.Be very aware of

               children crossing the roads.In our previous site in Ballyboden, the vast majority of parents proved

               themselves to be most considerate and mindful of the safety of our pupils.


We thank you in advance for your kind cooperation with the above and look forward very much to many happy years in our beautiful new school.

Kind regards


Lynn Corcoran



Safety Plan




  • Children’s safety is our top priority at all times.Parents are requested to train/instruct your child on how to:

Walk Safely

Park/Stride Safely


  • Children should use pedestrian lights and avail of school wardens at all times.

  • Please use footpaths at all times when entering/leaving campus and under no circumstances walk across the car park.
  • Equip your child with appropriate wet gear so that their regular travel arrangements can apply irrespective of the weather.

(There will be wet days occasionally.  It is wonderful to see all the pupils who regularly walk and cycle to/from school even on the wet days, while wearing appropriate clothing.)



  • All Motorists are to:

      Use the designated Entrance/Exit.

If it is absolutely necessary to bring a vehicle onto the campus, you are requested to:

  • Drive at 10km per hour on campus.(Vehicles should travel at a crawling pace on campus.  Pupils/adults and other users of the campus are quite liable to step off footpaths.)












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